Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How To Stamp Home Made Soap With Your Personality

I really enjoy making hand made soap and stamping it with my own personality. You could use a “hand made” stamp for example. You can even get your own custom made stamps made. You could stamp a logo or line-art drawing on your soap. How about a cupid for Valentine’s Day soap, or a Christmas tree for Christmas soap?

Or you could stamp your soap with your own name. Or make up your own little logo to put on the soap you give as gifts to friends and family. You’re only limited by your imagination!

There are all kinds of different soap molds available these days. Think up a shape and you can probably buy it in a soap mold! For example, gingerbread men, flowers, hearts, seashells, Christmas trees, stars, et cetera. I think making soap in fun molds is more interesting than the ordinary bar shape. You can buy a bar of soap from anywhere, but where can you buy a gingerbread man soap?

As well as putting your own stamp on your home made soap and using a fun mold, another way you can give your soap personality is by creating your own recipe, including unusual color and fragrance combinations. For example, vanilla mocha swirl, coconut cream pie or lemon meringue. Soap fragrances and colors are readily available online if you don’t live near a craft shop.

Here’s a soap making idea: by putting all three methods together, you’re sure to create a one of a kind soap that no one’s seen before! For example, a vanilla mocha swirl gingerbread man, with your name stamped on the back. Or a lemon meringue Christmas tree soap with a stamp saying “Merry Christmas from” and your name.

Anytime is a great time to start making your own soap. But be warned! Once you start, you may not be able to stop, because making your own hand made soap is addictive!

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