Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Discount Photo Editing Software

A number of software resellers or retailers sell discount photo editing software packages that have all the features of branded software. Discount software retailers buy standard software in volumes and pass on the benefits to the final consumer. They also buy software from companies that are overstocked or are going out of business. Other purchase venues include auctions and closeouts that offer software at discounted rates.

Photo editing software uses high quality resampling algorithms to produce the best quality prints possible independent of the printer type and resolution of original images. It simplifies the process of managing DPI, print sizes, and resolution numbers. It has efficient and simple tools to automatically arrange multiple prints so that they use the least amount of expensive photo paper.

The software allows auto placement and full manual placement for maximum flexibility. Images of varied sizes can be printed from different folders and drives in the same session. It has different enhancement tools such as cropping, brightness, sharpening, auto-exposure compensation, filters, blemish and redeye removal, image rotation, and image information stamp. Users can apply filters to images as "masks" that eliminates the need to store separate copies of original and modified versions. Filters can also be applied to a single image or hundreds of different images from various folders in a batch.

It provides full color management (ICC) support and can link ICC profiles to multiple cameras separately ensuring the most accurate color possible. It also supports profile-to-profile conversions for images, and soft proofing. It supports different file formats such as JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PCD, PNG, PSD, and NEF (Nikon D1, D1H, D1X, and D100 raw). It allows users to copy, move, delete, auto-rename images based on date, download images from flash cards and search IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) fields. The easy to use features of discount photo editing software have enabled users to manage the complex task of formatting and printing digital images. Reduction in prices of digital cameras has increased its popularity and is fuelling the demand for discount photo editing software.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

10 Really Low-Cost Ways to Start Your Stamp Collection

Stamp collecting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. You can enjoy collecting stamps with limited financial resources. Here are 10 really low-cost ways to start stamp collecting.

1. Ask your friends to use commemorative stamps on their mail when they write to you. Commemorative stamps are generally larger than regular stamps and are issued to honor famous people, places, or events. Because commemorative stamps are usually issued in lesser quantities than common smaller stamps, they are of much more interest to collectors. Tell your friends that you are a stamp collector and ask them to request commemorative stamps at the post office.

2. When you send away for offers that require postage or self-addressed, stamped envelopes, use commemorative stamps. You’ll get them back when the envelopes are returned to you.

3. Ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives to save their used stamps for you. You’ll find that most people will be happy to save their stamps for you when they learn that you are a collector.

4. If you know someone who gets letters from other countries, ask them to save those stamps. Always be on the lookout for potentially good stamp contacts, and don't be afraid to ask them to go through their mail for you before they throw away all the envelopes.

5. Ask friends and family to save the envelopes from their office mail for you. Many businesses get a lot of foreign mail and regularly throw away stamps that have interest and value to a collector.

6. Ask your parents if they have any old letters with stamps on the envelopes. Don’t peel the stamp off the envelope. This will cause thin spots or tears, both of which ruin a stamp's appearance and lessen its value to collectors. Always tear off the envelope corner so that there is paper all around the stamp, and make sure that all of the perforations are undamaged.

7. If you know other stamp collectors, ask them if they have duplicates that they are willing to give or sell to you. Many collectors have thousands of duplicates and they are often willing to help get new philatelists get started by giving them stamps or by selling them packets of stamps much more cheaply than can be purchased in stores or by mail.

8. Look for free stamps advertised by stamp companies. Free stamps are often offered along with “approvals,” an assortment of other stamps that you must either buy or return. This can be a convenient way to buy stamps. Note, however, that you usually have to pay the return postage if you return the approval stamps.

9. Check out stamp clubs in your area. Clubs may offer stamps as prizes, or have inexpensive stamps you can afford to buy. Some stamp clubs sponsor junior clubs the local community center, YMCA, or schools.

10. Consider starting a stamp club if one doesn’t already exist in your area. It only takes four or five other stamp collectors who are interested in getting together to learn about and trade stamps and ideas.

With free stamps and a few inexpensive accessories, such as a small album and a package of stamp hinges, even collectors with little money can have a great time.

So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting stamps today!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How To Stamp Home Made Soap With Your Personality

I really enjoy making hand made soap and stamping it with my own personality. You could use a “hand made” stamp for example. You can even get your own custom made stamps made. You could stamp a logo or line-art drawing on your soap. How about a cupid for Valentine’s Day soap, or a Christmas tree for Christmas soap?

Or you could stamp your soap with your own name. Or make up your own little logo to put on the soap you give as gifts to friends and family. You’re only limited by your imagination!

There are all kinds of different soap molds available these days. Think up a shape and you can probably buy it in a soap mold! For example, gingerbread men, flowers, hearts, seashells, Christmas trees, stars, et cetera. I think making soap in fun molds is more interesting than the ordinary bar shape. You can buy a bar of soap from anywhere, but where can you buy a gingerbread man soap?

As well as putting your own stamp on your home made soap and using a fun mold, another way you can give your soap personality is by creating your own recipe, including unusual color and fragrance combinations. For example, vanilla mocha swirl, coconut cream pie or lemon meringue. Soap fragrances and colors are readily available online if you don’t live near a craft shop.

Here’s a soap making idea: by putting all three methods together, you’re sure to create a one of a kind soap that no one’s seen before! For example, a vanilla mocha swirl gingerbread man, with your name stamped on the back. Or a lemon meringue Christmas tree soap with a stamp saying “Merry Christmas from” and your name.

Anytime is a great time to start making your own soap. But be warned! Once you start, you may not be able to stop, because making your own hand made soap is addictive!

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Date Stamp Prices

Date stamps are primarily an animated version of the rubber stamp category. The use of date rubber stamps extends very widely in offices, business homes and government offices and as an art form. The craft makes use of ink that is applied to an image or pattern that has been engraved, molded, or vulcanized onto a sheet of rubber. The date stamp is one of the most convenient and efficient methods of officiating administrative procedure in a business environment. It is widely used to keep a constant check on documents that have been received, sent, signed for, documented and reviewed.

Many companies manufacture date stamps across America. Their popularity and demand has grown tremendously since this dormant technology has been accepted. The manufacturing process of date stamps is a completely mechanized and automated process. Ink coated date stamp is pressed onto any type of medium such that the colored image is transferred onto the medium. The medium is generally some type of fabric or paper. Other mediums used are wood, metal, glass, plastic, or rocks. High volume batik uses liquid wax instead of ink on a metal stamp.

Rubber stamp prices are determined by the style. Date stamps can be personalized by adding company name, logos, contact details or other required details. Date stamps are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, from the traditional date stamps that require a stamp pad, to the heavy duty, metal framed, self-inking date stamps. Options for date stamps include time and date stamps, numbering stamps and automatic numbering stamps.

The two main categories of commercially available date stamps are the ones used for office purpose and the ones used for decorating objects such as children's toys. The prices of the date stamps vary according to their various styles and designs. A complete list of the price lists and different stamps available in the markets can be viewed on the Internet. The customers can also contemplate their own rubber stamps and design varying templates on the surface. The site provides with the charges for such customized stamps and guarantees delivery in almost 24 hrs of ordering it.

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How To Take A Better Holiday Photo

So you want to take a better holiday photo with your digital camera? But you are finding it hard to get that perfect shot? Here are five basic tips to help you get that better holiday photo.

Tip one: Take that holiday photo from a different angle. Get down low for example. Shooting a holiday photo from a different angle adds interest and can produce good effects.

Tip Two: Fill the frame! Create impact by getting up close. The difference will be stunning – try it, you’ll like it.

Tip Three: Don’t shoot the subject smack bang in the middle of the holiday photo! Use the ‘Thirds Rule’. The horizon should be at the top or lower third of the photo. The subject should be either on the left or right third of the photo. Keep the ‘Thirds Rule’ as a basic guideline and the end result should create a rewording holiday photo album.

Tip Four: Be brave! Don’t use the AUTO setting to shoot your holiday photo. Take control. For portraits, use low aperture - around 2.8. For landscapes, use high aperture - around 16. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It is digital after all – you will not be wasting any film! For action holiday photos, use a fast shutter speed.

Tip Five: Use high resolution. Low resolution is good when you want to use your holiday photos on your website, but low resolution is no good for printing. Set your camera to a high resolution. If you have to – buy a bigger memory card. It will be worth it when you get that holiday photo you just LOVE – you’ll be able to do so much more with that holiday photo. Go on – blow it up and turn it into a poster!

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