Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rubber Stamps: Signature Stamps, Notary Stamps And Other Stamps Used By Businesses

Since at least the 1900s, rubber stamps have been utilized in all aspects of business, and fill varied, significant needs for businesses of all types. Nearly ten years ago, an offer to come work for a rubber stamp shop was met with hesitation, given the proliferation of computers. The thought was that rubber stamps would be made obsolete as a result of the trend toward paperless offices and technologically advanced computers capable of, for example, printing watermarks directly on the paper.

On the contrary, however, rubber stamps remain a necessary component for many businesses and, in fact, the uses for rubber stamps have expanded into areas such as signature stamps, for deposit only stamps, notary stamps and others. Creation of a signature stamp is as easy as sending a fax copy of your signature to a stamp company equipped with the right machine, such as Holmes Stamp Company. Notary stamps or seals are required for legal documents and sworn signatures. Many businesses use stamps to facilitate the tracking of documents, from “received” stamps that indicate the date and time a document was received, to “draft” stamps or “reviewed by” stamps, plus the stamps that fill banking needs (such as “for deposit only” or “paid” stamps).

Advances in the rubber stamp industry have resulted in improved quality of the stamps and the ink they use, a wider array of sizes and shapes of rubber stamps available and the integration of stamps in all kinds of products, including self-inking stamps that have the ink built right in! Rubber stamps come in virtually any size and shape imaginable and ink color choices are endless. Computers have actually helped the proliferation of rubber stamps because, with email and on-line catalogues, a person in California can get their rubber stamp designed, manufactured and shipped from Florida within one day! Also thanks to computers,.

At Holmes Stamp, we offer the full range of rubber stamp products – some of our customers have been with us since our business started over fifty years ago, and we are proud to get new customers every day. Given the varied and expansive use of rubber stamps and signature stamps, despite computers that are more intelligent and better equipped every day, rubber stamps are here to stay.

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